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Let's Bounce

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Available for: Rebounding, body boost, bootcamp & zumba

Why Studio 35?

Feel empowered from the inside out and commit to your health in a space inspired for you. Rise up in a community with all fitness levels and one common goal.

Quality Coaching

Professional coaches who are passionate, driven, and want to make a difference in your health and wellness journey.

Group Fitness

Your own “fit fam” is instrumental. At Studio 35 there will always be someone to help you achieve your goals.

Workout Variety

Set up for your total body transformation, rehabilitation from an injury or simply to level up your fitness game.

Improve Health

Improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance & aid in healthy weight-loss with regular physical activity.

Classes For

Creating a healthy lifestyle is the key to living a energized life & empowering you to live that life is what we are about!

Class Schedule
Low impact FUN!
Kangoo Jumps

Rebounding classes reduce your body fat, increase your agility, strengthen all of your muscles and cardiovascular health, rejuvenates your tired body & helps your state of health & fitness. Scientific studies by NASA show that rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective, and pleasant exercise ever devised. Simultaneously, all the body cells, muscles, and organs are challenged and trained to be their most efficient with each gentle bounce. Offering 4 styles of rebounding classes, choreograph, progressive, bootcamp/circuit & power punch.

  • 80% Less Joint Impact
  • 25% Less Calorie Burn
  • Faster Rehabilitation
  • Good for all ages (7 years and up)
Fly with us
Bungee Fly

Bungee Fitness is cardio, strength training, and full body-workout while attached to a harness and bungee cord. The benefits of being attached to a bungee cord is that it is a low-impact workout and is easy on the joints when incorporating lunges, squats, and jumping into the routine.

  • Develop Muscle
  • Aid in Weight Loss
anti gravity zero impact Yoga
Trapeze Yoga

Yoga Trapeze is a versatile and great workout method, which offers a wide range of health benefits!It will improve your balance, decompress your spine and increase your range of motion. Yoga Trapeze can also help to strengthen all the parts of your body.

  • Strength Your Core
  • Strength Your Legs
  • Strength Your Back
  • Strength Your Shoulders
Fit kids are Happy Kids
Kids Parties, Fun Fitness & Drylands Training Programs

Discovery kids combines aerobic programs, fun games, sport activities, teamwork and dance. Builds coordination, endurance, good posture and self-image in children and teens, as it challenges both the body and brain. Classes offered in Kangoo Jumps, bungees & trapeze yoga and running shoes! Discovery Kids fights obesity and turns negative energy into positive in a fun and enjoyable workout.

Feel strong & confident
Pole Fitness

Pole fitness helps you develop strong core muscles, confidence and also incredible upper body strength. Our pole program takes you on self discovery and fitness journey with each session making it great for even a beginner to come and enjoy!

challenge, empower, energize
Body Booster

Your body will thank you! Strength & Stretch classes will focus on body weight exercises and stretching to give you the ultimate muscle building and stretching combination. Exercises will focus on core and glutes mostly, we will stretch those tired muscles with exercises & breathing targeting the hips, hammies, quads and glutes, chest & shoulders. Modifications always available making these classes great for all fitness levels.

get active - be social
Private Classes & Events

Looking for a themed birthday party, a funs girl night out, end of season party or a function movement program for off season training? We can help contact the studio for more information.

Our Reviews

This was my first time going and I will definitely be back it is an amazing atmosphere and such a great and fun workout. It felt amazing to work out and doing something that is actually fun to do. The instructor was great and encouraging did not make you feel out of place for being new everyone. This truly is an amazing way to relieve some stress. Can't wait to come back.

Ashley Olund

OMG!! What a fun time. I signed up as I was looking for a fun way to try and lose some weight and wow, not gonna lie, one class kicked my a$$. It was awesome! The environment was great, the ladies encouraging, and an awesome instructor!! Everyone really made me feel welcome. Can’t wait to go to another class! Hurry up Monday!!

Holly Knudson

Today was my third class and I am already feeling stronger!  I am loving the at home challenges as well!  Great coaches and team spirit. The sound of the boots in unison is such a powerful sound! I feel motivated to go - which is usually the hardest part - getting motivated to actually exercise!

Tina Coulombe

Kristie is an amazing instructor who takes time to demonstrate the steps for each of the moves. I had a great time and will sign up for the next four-week dance fitness class. The studio is in a good location, is set up well.

Geri Carruthers

I have always wanted to try Bungee Fly it looked like so much fun! Oh boy does it live up to that and more! Myself and a friend decided to go and now we can’t get enough and have signed up for more sessions! Tina is great, she goes through all the moves and explains everything, all the ladies we have met so far are lovely and have a great sense of humour. I’ve tried other fitness classes before and nothing has got me hooked quite like Bungee Fly would definitely 100% recommend to anyone!

Liz Henshaw

Lets Bounce
14 Day Intro Drop In Offer


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Rise up in a community with all fitness levels and one common goal. Build that strength, embrace those curves, and find your balance here at Studio 35.
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